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When choosing the right lawyer, it comes down to trust.
At The Reddy Law Firm it's all about our clients' trust in us and our respect for the people we serve. We recognize that we provide a service to people, often at a most vulnerable time in their lives. Here are some ways we respect our clients and how we've earned their trust:
We have experience.
With over 25 years experience as a successful trial attorney representing seriously injured people or families who have lost a loved one. Brian Reddy has successfully handled cases involving personal injury, from railroad injuries, to dog attacks, to motorcycle injuries, to leukemia from benzene exposure. He has also successfully represented "whistleblowers" - workers who have been terminated or otherwise mistreated by their employer after reporting a hazardous safety condition or a work - related injury.
Since Brian Reddy founded this firm it has been a rule that we concentrate our efforts on the successful outcome for our clients. In the legal system there are few guaranteed outcomes - we recognize that it is vital that we have sufficient time to prepare your case personally and fully.
When we take a case,
we focus on it.
We keep your case moving
We recognize that the longer your case takes to resolve, the longer you and your family face uncertainty and the added stress that comes with it. Although some time constraints are beyond our control, we work efficiently and diligently to avoid unnecessary delays.
It is not uncommon to hear people complain that they don't know what's going on with their case or that their phone calls are not returned. At The Reddy Law Firm we place a premium on keeping our clients informed and "in the loop". We don't dodge your calls. We will deal with client concerns personally and quickly.
We keep you informed

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